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Dump your Foxtel iQ3 box, get an iQ2

If you have Foxtel cable TV service in Australia, do not put up with the broken-as-delivered iQ3 box. Demand a “downgrade” to Foxtel’s very functional (and far more reliable) iQ2 box. We battled with an iQ3 for December 2016 and January 2017. Signed up to a special deal in November 2016 where the iQ3 was […]

Splitting and merging of .m4v video files with ffmpeg

While constructing content for a Plex Media Server (PMS) at home I’ve recently need to both split and merge .m4v files containing h264/aac encoded material.  These are my notes to myself of what I did using ffmpeg after much googling. If you’re not me, hope these notes help you too 🙂 Splitting an m4v file Hypothetically, I’ve ended […]

Toslink to Analog adapter for TV

Back on April 19th 2015 I ordered a Optical Digital Coaxial Toslink Signal To Analog Audio Converter Adapter from It arrived April 30th 2015.  For my own records — it works!  Very simple use-case: The TV in our front lounge had a Toslink optical audio port, but no headphone jack. How to use headphones? An adapter, […]

A clone of the Saleae Logic 8-channel Analyser

I purchased a cheap clone of the Saleae Logic 8 port logic analyser (LA) from on Dec 16th 2014. This page reflects my initial experiments with using the device under Windows 7 and FreeBSD 9.1. The clone does 8 channels of digital capture (no analog capture) and peaks at only 24MHz sample rate, but […]

MB102 Power Supply

Recently purchased an MB102 dual power supply from as part of a supply+breadboard+wires combo pack. Nice little unit — provides regulated 3.3V or 5V rails from 6.5-12 V (DC) or USB power supply, and has pins set up for plugging into a standard breadboard. The two separate output rails are independently configurable for 3.3V or […]

Animating signals and statistics

I’m experimenting with building animations to help early-year students visualise the relationships between signals and statistics about signals. For example, I constructed the following animated gif to show how the sampled data points from a sine wave, and a randomised sequence of the same sampled data points, results in the same CDF at multiples of […]

“Failed to import Media” when importing WordPress blogs

A few days ago I installed a local instance of WordPress under Windows, to experiment with importing my site. This post documents a small problem and solution with some of my current blog’s images being identified using https:// instead of http:// URLs.

My work (Bellcore) web page from 1997

A WordPress blog post from February 1997? No, not really. This is simply a pointer to my online presence such as it was in February 1997. Back then I was a Senior Scientist at Bellcore (New Jersey, USA). Check out my old web page here, courtesy of the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.