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A book chapter — networks and highly interactive games

I submitted a chapter to a book that has now been published…. G. Armitage, “At The Intersection Of Networks And Highly Interactive Online Games,” in “Algorithms for Next Generation Networks,” 1st edition, G. Cormode, M. Thottan (Eds.), Springer, 2010, pp.403-434 (ISBN: 978-1-84882-764-6) Advertisements

A book: Networking and Online Games – Understanding and Engineering Multiplayer Internet Games

I’ve played online first person shooter games since 1999. I’ve measured their IP network traffic characteristics since 2000. In 2006 I decided to co-author a book about networking and online games….

Latency Sensitivity and NAT Usage in Online Games

I presented the following slides for a talk at Marconi Research in the UK on November 27th 2001. Click on the first one for a WordPress slide show.

Sensitivity of Quake3 Players To Network Latency

I presented the following slides at a Poster session of the SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop, San Francisco, November 1, 2001. Click on the first one for a WordPress slide show.

Impact of traffic load on Ping times over Cable Modem links

In 2001 I had cable internet to my house in Redwood City, California. I was also playing online Quake III Arena and Half Life over this link. Out of curiosity I decided to check how the latency between my house and my favorite game server changed as a function of IP traffic load through the […]