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The QuadPawn programming environment on a DSO Quad

This post describes my brief experience with Petteri Aimonen‘s QuadPawn interpreter to run larger programs from the DSO Quad‘s 2MB USB drive. I’ve dabbled with compiling Pawn programs under both WinXP and FreeBSD/Wine. Advertisements

Updating DSO Quad firmware from a FreeBSD host

Back in January I received a DSO Quad portable oscilloscope. Here is some additional information on what the scope looks like to a FreeBSD desktop when trying to update the scope’s firmware.

DSO Quad (DSO203) four channel portable oscilloscope

Today I received my metal cased “DSO Quad” (V2.6), a hand-held four channel portable oscilloscope I’d recently ordered from Seeed Studio. This post summarises some useful links, the device’s basic capabilities and a couple of photos.