Dump your Foxtel iQ3 box, get an iQ2

If you have Foxtel cable TV service in Australia, do not put up with the broken-as-delivered iQ3 box. Demand a “downgrade” to Foxtel’s very functional (and far more reliable) iQ2 box.

We battled with an iQ3 for December 2016 and January 2017. Signed up to a special deal in November 2016 where the iQ3 was provided for free and we could get a month by month plan. Thought we were getting the latest and greatest. We were so very, very wrong.

The iQ3 was a dog from the day we started using it at the start of December 2016. The Bluetooth remote control was laggy, the on-screen UI was extremely laggy (sometimes taking a minute or more to respond to key presses, by which time keys had been pressed multiple times and were then acted on in quick succession), and recorded shows couldn’t be played completely or weren’t recorded in their entirety. Sometimes a reboot would cause previously recorded shows to become playable for awhile, but within a day or three the iQ3 would revert to telling us the recorded content was unavailable due to the channel not being in our package (even though it was). Reboot, play, repeat…. (perhaps not surprisingly, Foxtel’s own tech support advice is “Over 60% of set top box issues are resolved with a simple reboot.“)

Today we finally spat the dummy, spent well over an hour haggling with Foxtel tech support, and obtained a free downgrade to Foxtel’s iQ2 box.

I did some searching, and discovered that I’m very late to the “iQ3 is a dog” bandwagon. Here are some historical links for laughs & giggles:

(Edit: The iQ2 box arrived a few weeks later — Life has become so much better. The End.)


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