Toslink to Analog adapter for TV

Back on April 19th 2015 I ordered a Optical Digital Coaxial Toslink Signal To Analog Audio Converter Adapter from It arrived April 30th 2015.  For my own records — it works!  Very simple use-case: The TV in our front lounge had a Toslink optical audio port, but no headphone jack. How to use headphones? An adapter, of course!

Here are scanned copies of the spec sheet supplied with the unit itself:

front page

front page of spec sheet

back page of spec sheet

back page of spec sheet

The photos below show the adapter itself from two angles — one end has the power supply socket and 2 x RCA sockets for audio out, the other end has a Toslink optical input. Also shown are the short USB cable to supply power, a short toslink (plastic) optical cable, and an extra 2xRCA-to-3.5mm stereo cable enabling my headphones to be driven from the adapter’s RCA outputs.

toslink+rca-lead-2 toslink+rca-lead-1

The resulting audio volume wasn’t high, but sufficient for my needs. My TV had a USB port on its back (presumably for diagnostic purposes) from which the Toslink adapter could draw power, so no need for a separate wall-wart. Yay!

And just because I like photos, here’s how they arrived 🙂toslink-in-bag+rca-lead


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