Monthly Archives: January 2015

An ESP8266 Wifi module — first impressions

On Dec 4th 2014 I purchased a “ESP8266 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Wireless Module” from, based on an ESP8266 reference design by Here are┬ámy initial experiences poking around with the device. (Usual caveat — this post is largely to help my own recollections. If it helps you too, that’s a bonus.) Board […]

A clone of the Saleae Logic 8-channel Analyser

I purchased a cheap clone of the Saleae Logic 8 port logic analyser (LA) from on Dec 16th 2014. This page reflects my initial experiments with using the device under Windows 7 and FreeBSD 9.1. The clone does 8 channels of digital capture (no analog capture) and peaks at only 24MHz sample rate, but […]