Animating signals and statistics

I’m experimenting with building animations to help early-year students visualise the relationships between signals and statistics about signals.

For example, I constructed the following animated gif to show how the sampled data points from a sine wave, and a randomised sequence of the same sampled data points, results in the same CDF at multiples of the sine wave’s period.


Click on the image above for the full-sized, animated version. The cumulative distribution function (CDF) on the right is updated over time as samples are taken from the signals on the left.

I created this using Scilab to plot and export each frame as lots of single gifs, then used Imagemagick‘s convert to sew the sequence together into an animated gif.


[Added 15feb13] Click on the image above for another version, this time with an actual histogram rather than CDF.

It occurs to me that someone, somewhere, has probably built a library of such animations. My google-fu needs improving….


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