Cables and breadboards for Arduino experiments

I’ve been experimenting with Arduino Uno and Nano boards recently, along with various sensors, servomotors and other I/O boards. Here are some photos of cables and breadboards available from that I’ve found useful.

I received the “170 Points Mini Breadboard” from despite ordering the “Mini 170 Tie Points Prototype Solderless Breadboard” — seems marginally different, time will tell if it is a problem. You can also find on the “830 point breadboard” , the “30cm Breadboard Wires” and “Breadboard Jumper Wires”.

The  “30cm Breadboard Wires” comes as a 40-wire flat cable with each wire terminated in a one-pin socket. These sockets match the pins on the Arduino Nano, and on numerous sensor boards. The wires can be pulled apart to make smaller cables containing 1, 2, 3, … etc number of wires.

The “Breadboard Jumper wires” are a motley collection of thin wires terminated in pins at both ends. These are good for making connections between the sockets on e.g. an Arduino Uno and e.g. a breadboard (or plugging into one end of wire from the  “30cm Breadboard Wires”).

For example, I created a 5-wire cable from the original 40-wire cable to use in my LED I/O board experiment, and used 5 separate “jumper wires” to this 5-wire cable to the Uno.


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