Kindle 3 – tips on WiFi connectivity, record/play audio, and Kindlets

The Kindle 3 has been out for many moons, and I got mine in September 2011. Of course, there’s a whole army of people out there who’ve been digging into the K3 since 2010. Here are a few more pieces of useful trivia.

WiFi ‘unavailable’

Courtesy of luigi rizzo’s Kindle 3 notes:

  • The WiFi network is declared unavailable on a regular basis if the unit cannot reach You can temporarily fool it with
    dbus-send --system /default com.lab126.wifid.cmConnected

    but you need to re-issue this command on a regular basis because the WiFi subsystem regularly re-tries to contact, and issues

    dbus-send --system /default com.lab126.wifid.cmNotconnected

    if connectivity fails.


  • Audio can be recorded from the built-in microphone with arecord(stop it with ctrl-C)
    arecord test.wav

    and played with aplay

    aplay test.wav

I confirmed that the .wav file can be transferred elsewhere and played with vlc. Sound quality is a little noisy, muffled and faint. You wouldn’t use it for digital recording/note-taking unless the speaker was talking directly into the bottom of the K3.


Even earlier background about Kindlet (Kindle App) development here at


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