Kindle 3 — keyboard shortcuts, battery monitoring and debug commands

This post briefly summarises a variety of keyboard commands and shortcuts I’ve picked up from various places and found useful when experimenting with my Kindle 3

Commands / Debug mode

There are a number of commands available in ‘debug’ mode, which are entered via the Home page’s “Search” window. Reach the search window simply by pressing <delete> while at the Home page.

Activate debug mode, after which additional commands may be entered via the Search window


Disable debug mode


Prints list of commands potentially available in ;debugOn mode

~help  or   ~h

Copy the internal linux firmware’s console output to a date-stamped file at the top of the K3’s USB mass storage file system. This file can read and searched as a regular document on the K3, or retrieved by any PC when the K3 is plugged into the PC’s USB port in mass storage mode. (If you’ve enabled SSH access to your K3, you can also retrieve the file from the /mnt/base-us/ file system.)


usbNetwork is a program that requires a jailbroken K3 with the usbnetwork hack applied. Each time it is executed, the K3’s USB port toggles between networking and mass storage modes.


Commands relating to battery condition

If you’ve jailbroken your K3 and enabled SSH logins, the following command line commands provide insights into the battery state.

[root@kindle tests]# lipc-get-prop com.lab126.powerd status
Powerd state: Screen Saver
Remaining time in this state: Unknown
Battery Level: 100%
Last batt event at: 100%
Charging: Yes
Battery logging: On

[root@kindle tests]#
[root@kindle tests]# lipc-get-prop com.lab126.powerd battLevel
[root@kindle tests]#
[root@kindle tests]# gasgauge-info -v
4204 mV
Sat Sep 24 09:34:40 2011  INFO:battery voltage: 4204 mV
[root@kindle tests]#
[root@kindle tests]# gasgauge-info -k
73 Fahrenheit
Sat Sep 24 09:36:00 2011  INFO:battery temperature: 73 Fahrenheit
[root@kindle tests]#
[root@kindle tests]# gasgauge-info -m
1916 mAh
Sat Sep 24 09:36:14 2011  INFO:battery current: 1916 mA
[root@kindle tests]#
[root@kindle tests]# gasgauge-info -h
gasgauge-info [-cdhklms] [-i ] 
-c      output state of charge in percent
-d      dump all gas gauge registers
-h      help
-i s    interval (seconds)
-s      same as -c
-t      add a timestamp to dumps
-v      output battery voltage value
-l      output battery charge current (load)
-k      output battery temperature
-m      output battery available capacity (mAh)
[root@kindle tests]#

Keyboard shortcuts


   	Start/stop	Shift+Sym
 	Stop	        Back
 	Pause/restart	Spacebar

Voice Guide v1.16
   	Start/stop	Shift+Spacebar

Background Music
 	Play/stop	Alt+Spacebar
 	Next track 	Alt+F

 	Numbers 1 to 0 	        Alt+Q to Alt+P
 	Minesweeper/Gomoku	Alt+Shift+M from home screen
 	Rescan files 	        Alt+Z from home screen
 	Redraw the screen 	Alt+G
 	Screenshot	        Alt+Shift+G or Alt+Shift+H
 	Kindle store 	        Alt+Home
 	Display serial no/barcode 	Alt+Shift+.

 	Toggle bookmark 	Alt+B
 	Bookmark location 	double-click at desired location
 	Next/previous chapter 	5-way right/left

Settings Screen
 	Change 3G provider 	311 (Alt+EQQ)
 	Kindle information 	411 (Alt+RQQ)
 	3G Modem information	611 (Alt+YQQ)
 	Wi-fi Modem information	711 (Alt+UQQ)

Web Browser
 	Nudge	        Alt+H, Alt+J
 	Clear address 	Alt+Del

Picture Album Viewer
 	Zoom in/out/reset 	Q/W/E
 	Rotate               	R
 	Full screen      	F
 	Nudge	Numbers         (Alt+Q to P)

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