Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kindle 3 – tips on WiFi connectivity, record/play audio, and Kindlets

The Kindle 3 has been out for many moons, and I got mine in September 2011. Of course, there’s a whole army of people out there who’ve been digging into the K3 since 2010. Here are a few more pieces of useful trivia. Advertisements

Kindle 3 — keyboard shortcuts, battery monitoring and debug commands

This post briefly summarises a variety of keyboard commands and shortcuts I’ve picked up from various places and found useful when experimenting with my Kindle 3

Adding OpenWRT to TP-Link WR703N

I recently discovered the TP-Link TL-WR703N — a tiny WiFi router capable of 802.11n @ 150Mbps, powered by 5V from a USB port. The device has a single 100Mbps Ethernet port and can be flashed to run the linux-based OpenWRT. Most importantly, it is cheap — roughly ~$22 USD online at This post discusses […]

Serial interface for my clone Foscam FI8908W camera

I’ve opened up my Foscam-clone IP Camera, located the onboard serial port and captured the output from the bootloader and the firmware booting. This post is for anyone interested. Edit: Based on the evidence below, it appears to be a Winbond W90N745 bootloader. Googling for “W90N745” threw up a number of online sites about this […]