Monthly Archives: September 2011

Kindle 3’s FLASH file system layout

This post briefly summarises my findings when poking around the file systems on the FLASH of my Kindle 3. Advertisements

Kindle 3 — arbitrary text to speech

This post briefly summarises an experiment with the built in text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities of my Kindle 3.

Free books for Kindle 3

I’ve now got a Kindle 3. For the record, there’s a good collection of old (out of copyright) books available at Project Gutenberg. Of course, what counts as old enough to be out of copyright varies by country. There’s the original (US-based), And an Australian variant,

Kindle 3 — changing the root password for SSH via WiFi

This post summarises the steps I used to change the root ssh password and enable ssh access over 802.11/WiFi on my jailbroken Kindle 3.

Kindle K3 — jailbreak, then network access over USB port

This post summarises the steps I used to jailbreak my Kindle 3 and set up IP-over-USB link to my PC-BSD 8.2 (FreeBSD) desktop.

My third generation Amazon Kindle

In mid-September I was given a third generation Amazon “Kindle (Wi-Fi)” (“Kindle 3” or K3) running firmware version 3.2.1. This is my first foray into e-Books, and it seems like a nice little gadget — light weight, pages ‘turn’ promptly and the E-ink “Pearl” display is actually rather easy on the eyes. Oh, and it […]