Monthly Archives: July 2011

I once had a Sinclair ZX81 Microcomputer

I purchased a “Sinclair ZX81 Microcomputer” not long after it hit the market in the early 1980s — my first real home computer. I spent hours and hours on this thing, learning to program in Sinclair BASIC and Z80 machine code to squeeze the most out of my 1K (later 3K) of RAM. Eventually I […]

I once had a BBC Model B Microcomputer

Back in 2002 I unearthed my old “BBC Model B Microcomputer“, an impressive (in the early 1980s) 6502-based machine made by Acorn Computers in the UK. I obtained one when it was new, did a lot of programming on it until the late 1980s and then hid it under a bed. While I moved house […]

Copying a BBC Model B Microcomputer’s ROM

Retrieving my OZMON 1.1 ROM image was somewhat convoluted, as the backup copy on floppy disks had been lost during my 2002 attempts to create floppy disk images. However, I had an actual instance of OZMON 1.1 sitting in slot 13 of my real Beeb. Solution?