Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stopping Load_Cycle_Count growth on WD drives

In December 2009 I rebuilt my home file server to be a FreeBSD 8.x machine with six 1.5TByte Western Digital Caviar Green hard disk drives (HDDs) in a ZFS raidz2 configuration. ┬áIn late January 2010 I discovered that my chosen HDDs have a known problem — they park the drive heads after 8 seconds of […]

A book chapter — networks and highly interactive games

I submitted a chapter to a book that has now been published…. G. Armitage, “At The Intersection Of Networks And Highly Interactive Online Games,” in “Algorithms for Next Generation Networks,” 1st edition, G. Cormode, M. Thottan (Eds.), Springer, 2010, pp.403-434 (ISBN: 978-1-84882-764-6)