Monthly Archives: December 2003

HotSync’ing and Web Surfing a Palm Tungsten C over USB with a FreeBSD 4.8 Host

In December 2003 I purchased a lovely new Palm Tungsten C, an 802.11b-enabled PDA with tiny little keyboard and colour touch screen. When it is in the cradle the USB port can be used to establish a PPP-over-USB session to a FreeBSD host, over which web-surfing and hotsync’ing is possible. Advertisements

How (not) To Write Reports and Papers

The following is a replica of a page I originally posted at on Dec 15th 2003 (Edit: see the closest example on The replica is (retrospectively) posted here in case the original disappears. How (not) To Write Reports and Papers Grenville Armitage, 2003 Introduction Reports and papers should convey information and insights. They are […]