Monthly Archives: December 2002

Recovering my old BBC Model B Microcomputer

This past month I unearthed my old “BBC Model B Microcomputer”, an impressive (in the early 1980s) 6502-based machine made by Acorn Computers in the UK. I obtained one when it was new, did a lot of programming on it until the late 1980s and then hid it under a bed. While I moved house […]

A home NAT/Gateway using FreeBSD

A low powered PC (in this case a 450MHz PIII, Dell XPS T450) running FreeBSD4.6 is the NAT/Gateway between my home LAN and my broadband service provider (in 2002 this was cable internet from Telstra Broadband). FreeBSD makes it easy to turn almost any old PC into a decent NAT/Gateway. Machines with less than 32MB […]