Monthly Archives: May 2001

Impact of traffic load on Ping times over Cable Modem links

In 2001 I had cable internet to my house in Redwood City, California. I was also playing online Quake III Arena and Half Life over this link. Out of curiosity I decided to check how the latency between my house and my favorite game server changed as a function of IP traffic load through the […]

So optical networks will solve quality of service?

How many times have people told you that QoS (quality of service) in the Internet will magically be solved once we get optical fibre and loads of bandwidth every where? An attractive assertion, to be sure, but one that rather misunderstands why IP QoS fails to materialize in today’s Intenet.

Buying just bandwidth from your service provider is short-sighted

Ever notice how public train services differentiate themselves from cars and buses by pointing to the enormous power of their diesel-electric engines? Or how the airlines encourage you to compare the enormous thrust of their jet engines with those of their competitors? Not really? Me neither.